Slept like a baby

Just a wee message to say wow.

Was the best feeling and so relaxing. I would recommend to anyone who need help.

Afterwards I felt lighter and energized. Slept like a baby after, I will be getting again.

Thanks once again xxx


Issues with snacking

I had a session for helping online with my weight loss as I have issues with snacking, bags of crisps instead of going for the fruit.

This was my first time ever being hypnotised and you were so thorough with explaining what was going to happen. Whilst I don’t remember what exactly happened whilst I was hypnotised I believe something has definitely worked. It’s nearly been a week and I don’t feel as snacky as I did around about the time when kids are in bed and I’ve not binged on crisps (Eating in the evening was always my worst problem), if I have been hungry I’ve either had a portion of fruit or upping my water intake.

I can’t thank you enough it was an amazing session

Thank you!!


Stopping smoking

Lovely lady, lovely service. 5 stars all the way.

Leanne was happy to talk me through the service and answer any questions I had. 

The technique Leanne used certainly helps me in my non smoking journey. I find it easier to overcome cravings now and to add to that, it certainly ups my mood and brings a smile to my face instead of the stress I used to experience. 

Thank you Leanne. I will be happily and confidently using your services again and recommending you to my friends and family.


Very Relaxing

Had a great session with Leanne very relaxing.

Highly recommended, 5 Stars


Eating habits, healthy choices & confidence

I have had two sessions with Leanne, first was around my eating habits and the second around healthy choices, being consistent and confidence.

The first session I was so relaxed and came out of it not really thinking I could feel a difference. A few months later I had my second session and came out of it feeling absolutely energised and focused.

Both sessions effected me differently but both in positive ways. It was not until just prior to my second session I could look back and could see that there had been an improvement with my eating habits and I wasn’t finding it so difficult to stay away from the bad stuff. The second session, well immediately I felt the benefits from that one and now I’m a couple weeks on from it, my determination and focus is better then ever.

I don’t know exactly how how works but I would definitely recommend Leanne’s hypnosis sessions and I will certainly be coming to Leanne again.

Thank you so much!

Gemma C.