Synergy Sessions

Weight Management

Do you struggle with maintaining a healthy weight?

So what if I was to say that you could eliminate excess body fat weight  without going on a restrictive diet or overdoing it in the gym?

Food has very little to do with weight loss, your relationship with food is a huge part of it. By reprogramming your thought process you will still eat all the foods you really enjoy but you will know when to stop and avoid overeating automatically.

Do you feel you have reached the limit and found yourself at the point in your life where you feel ready for a new way to be?

If this sounds like you, then let’s see if we can work together to reset and be ready for new beginnings.  But first , a warning I do not have a magic wand!  This is not for everybody, if you are not yet ready to take ownership of your part of fat loss, my service may not be for you, like any transformation it requires you to be a part of the process there is only change if there is change! So If you truly desire to take action then feel free to ask any questions, I am happy to help.

To book your session now, just click below and we will arrange a suitable time as soon as possible if you are ready to make this change and move forward towards better health, happiness and more confidence.

What have you got to lose? The time is now to rediscover your confidence in a natural healthy way.

Thank you Leanne
I had a session for helping online with my weight loss as I have issues with snacking, bags of crisps instead of going for the fruit.

This was my first time ever being hypnotised and you were so thorough with explaining what was going to happen. Whilst I don’t remember what exactly happened whilst I was hypnotised I believe something has definitely worked. It’s nearly been a week and I don’t feel as snacky as I did around about the time when kids are in bed and I’ve not binged on crisps (Eating in the evening was always my worst problem), if I have been hungry I’ve either had a portion of fruit or upping my water intake.

I can’t thank you enough it was an amazing session

Thank you!!