Hi, I’m Leanne

 Thank you for visiting my website.

I am an HND Qualified Beauty & Complementary Therapist, I loved the industry but was aware that there was more I could do with my clients than help with superficial issues. 

My first experience with NLP & Hypnotherapy was 12 years ago, I loved it! I could not believe that I had walked out the Hypnotherapist room a completely different person than I had walked in the change for me was instant. This led me to training with two of the top Hypnotherapists in the world, Ali Campbell and Freddy Jacquin which provided me with the skills to help support and empower other people like you on their journey to change and new beginnings, finding helpful solutions for issues that may have held you back for many years.

I offer bespoke sessions tailored specifically for you, to give you the tools you need to transform your life. Using a blend of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Reiki and TFT. Together we will work to develop a complete sense of well-being in your life – mind, body and soul. Together, we will get your life back on track from wherever it diverted to and move forward in the direction that best serves YOU!

WE ALL have the ability to change and develop to shed old habits and reinvent ourselves, and it is much faster and easier than you may think.

Leanne Shaw

Thank you Leanne

Lovely lady, lovely service. 5 stars all the way.

Leanne was happy to talk me through the service and answer any questions I had. 

The technique Leanne used certainly helps me in my non smoking journey. I find it easier to overcome cravings now and to add to that, it certainly ups my mood and brings a smile to my face instead of the stress I used to experience. 

Thank you Leanne. I will be happily and confidently using your services again and recommending you to my friends and family.